Settling Your Car Accident Case

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Settling Your Car Accident Case

Very rarely does a car accident case over go to trial. When conflict arises between two parties in a car accident case, they’ll usually reach a settlement before a trial could take place. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you’ll always want to reach a settlement instead of having to go to trial. It will be a much easier, more inexpensive and less time consuming process. So what are some ways that you can settle your car accident case without having to go to trial?

Demand Letter

It will be impossible for you to reach any kind of settlement without first submitting a demand letter. This is where you set out to find the facts for the accident, and is your opportunity to present your case to the insurance company and anyone else outside of the court. Consider writing the demand letter to be the gateway towards attaining a settlement; no it’s not guaranteed it will result in a settlement, but without it, a settlement will be impossible.

What do you put in your demand letter? Your letter should be composed of the events in chronological order leading up and during the accident. Any details that you remember should be put in the letter, and you should also be sure to include all details surrounding your subsequent medical treatment, lost wages, and any pain or loss of quality of life that you feel. You can then write out what your ‘demands’ are for the damages from the accidents. While you will never gain everything in your demand letter, it certainly leaves you and your lawyer a lot of legroom to negotiate with the opposing party.

Negotiatingcar accident lawyer

Once you have written out your demand letter, the next step is to begin the negotiating process with the opposing party with your Atlanta injury lawyer. The insurance company will review your demand letter and provide you with an offer. The first offer will almost always be a bad one, but as with the demand letter, you’ll have plenty of room to negotiate. In those regards, avoid the first offer and continue negotiating.

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How a Lawyer Can Help in a Car Accident Situation

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How a Lawyer Can Help in a Car Accident Situation

Car accident cases can be rough, and in some cases, tragic. But in a world of confusing car insurance rules and lawsuits from angry people, the aftermath of a car accident is often more trying and stressful than the actual car accident. Whether you accidentally ran into someone and are now being sued, or were hit by somebody else and feel you need to sue them for damages or lost of wages sustained, a good car accident attorney will become your best friend for the time being.

How a Car Accident Attorney Will Advocate For You

Car accident attorneys and personal injury attorneys alike will have knowledge and should have experience in dealing with car insurance companies and angry individuals or organizations suing for the car accident. An attorney will begin advocating for you by gathering the evidence, including witness statements, medical records, police reports, and lost wages information. All of these will be vital documents in a car accident case.

personal injury lawyer car accidentNext, the attorney can organize all of the evidence at hand and help you prepare a settlement demand letter to the insurance company, based on the documents at hand. Hopefully, you’ll be able to settle here and the case will be over nearly as fast as it began. If not, you’ll have to file more paperwork before heading to court, and also speak with the insurance company of the opposing party. Your attorney will be able to file these attorneys for you to ensure you don’t make any mistakes, and can then negotiate for you with the other attorneys.

One of the best things about hiring an attorney is that they advocate for you throughout the entire process. They will be the ones telling your side of the story before the judge, jury, attorneys and other people present in the courtrooms, and will act on your behalf for nearly everything related to the case. This will greatly relieve some of the stress you’ll encounter when in a lawsuit or other legal matter in the courtroom.

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What Legal Implications Does the Cuba Normalizing Have On Us?

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What Legal Implications Does the Cuba Normalizing Have On Us?

If you didn’t hear about it yet (but you likely have), President Obama took action to normalize our relationship with Cuba. It hasn’t been that way since the 1960’s, which is when all the stuff with the Cold War was going on. That being said, this was a huge step to try and make amends with one of our neighbors, and it actually seems to be doing alright. Let’s take a closer look at what happened in a legal sense.

What Was the Relationship Before?

Before we normalized our relationship with Cuba, absolutely everything was embargoed. You could not legally bring any goods between Cuba and the United States, no matter which direction you were going. Travel to Cuba was incredibly limited, and you had to get special permissions to be able to travel there for any reason at all. The whole thing was incredibly hostile and it, honestly, made things really uncomfortable. Some of Cuba’s allies at the time made us nervous, too, which was another reason this whole thing happened.

What Does Normalization Look Like? 

cuba america


Normalization doesn’t mean that everything is all good now. We aren’t allies with Cuba – not even close. But instead, there are a few things that can now be done that were not able to be done before the normalization process happened. For example, your friend who travels to Cuba for business can actually bring you back cigars without getting in trouble now. Prisoners were able to be passed between the countries as necessary. And travel is a lot less restricted. There are hopes that this will open the door to more progress, but that will remain to be seen – it likely won’t be while Castro is still in power, so we may have to wait another generation before we see anything close to becoming allies with Cuba.

All in all, it’s an interesting move. Since the Cold War has been done for so long, it makes sense to get rid of pointless restrictions like this one. What do you think? Was it time to lift the restrictions that had been around for decades?

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Hit By a Car While Walking

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Hit By a Car While Walking

In most car accidents that happen, one vehicle will run into another. But what happens if a vehicle runs into an individual while that individual is unprotected? Who is at fault, who needs to be compensated, and what losses will need to be made up? All of these can be answered in court with a few basic questions:

Who’s Fault Is It?

Many individuals believe that in most pedestrian car accident cases, the driver of the vehicle will always be at fault. This is especially true in larger cities. For example, a personal injury lawyer in queens ny will clearly have more cases than a lawyer in a suburban area.  A personal injury attorney will look to see if the pedestrian is at fault and if they acted in a manner where the driver could simply not avoid running into them (ex. the pedestrian walked out into the road while texting). Other times, someone entirely different could have been at fault. There are many rules of the road, and everybody has to obey them, and that includes the drivers and any pedestrians who are present.

pedestrian accidentWas Anybody Injured?

Once you can determine whose fault it was in the accident, you next have to determine if anyone was seriously injured enough for there to be a lawsuit or some kind of legal action. If you were injured as a result of the accident, you could pursue an injury claim with the insurance carrier of the driver’s vehicle. The insurance claim will always be the first step in receiving compensation for losses you sustained: medical payments, lost income, etc. Usually the result will be an injury settlement that is the result of repeated negotiations between you and the opposing party. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can then keep up your offense on the opposing party by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

The Driver’s Actions

Regardless of whether the driver of the vehicle is at fault in the accident, their actions must still be taken into account. As long as the driver of the vehicle stopped at the scene and exchanged contact information and insurance with anyone else involved in the accident, you (as a pedestrian) will be able to pursue proper compensation via their insurance carrier.

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What is International Law?

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What is International Law?

Many of us know what our local laws are, but not many of us know (or understand) what international law entails. What is this, and why is it important for us to understand and/or recognize it? Here are some of the things you need to know about international law.

What is It?

International law is a bit tricky, because there is no international organization that oversees all of the governments in the world. Because of that, there really isn’t anyone to enforce any international law. That being said, the United Nations is a place where countries can agree on laws that affect the entire global community. These usually include war laws, trade laws, and a number of other laws that could fall into categories that, essentially, affect everyone in the world. Then, each country is responsible for taking care of these laws, and the international community helps to keep everyone accountable as well. Stay free with the most respected criminal lawyer in Toronto.

Why is it Vital?

There are a few major reasons why international law is vital. Not every country actually falls into step with everything that is going on around the world. Leaders do corrupt things and they hurt the people that they rule over. They go against human rights laws and everything else that hurts their people. Sometimes, people in the country that is being harmed or oppressed will fight back, but other times, they will need some help to get out of there. That’s what the international law is for – it’s there to make sure that people are being treated fairly by those who are in power. Everyone is supposed to help take care of everyone else – but it doesn’t always work out that way, because of the laws of each individual country and other complications that can happen.

What role do you think international law is an important thing to think about? Do you feel like it’s something that we need to get involved with more? Or do you think that we should keep to ourselves and not worry about the rest of the world? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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What Rights Should Defendants Have?

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What Rights Should Defendants Have?

This is one of those topics that really get peoples’ attention, isn’t it? If someone is going to go to court, what rights should they have? If someone is being tried, should they have rights, and what should those rights include? Let’s take a look at some of the arguments that are brought up during this sort of discussion.

Why Should They Be Treated Any Differently?

This is the initial question here. Why would people even think that they should be treated any differently? In some cases, it’s due to the crime that the person is being accused of. If it’s something like murder or something else that seems like a more severe crime. Is this about rights, however? But then you have to wonder whose rights we’re talking about. For example, if someone was being accused of murder, would you want them to be able to get out on bail? In those cases, people will argue, that it’s the rights of the person versus the rights of the public. It’s a really big debate and a lot of people think about the implications on both ends of these questions. Having the right Criminal Lawyer can be all the difference in this situation.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

defendant rights

This is, probably, the core of a lot of people’s arguments when it comes to treating defendants in a humane manner. Remember, the assumption of the law, when someone is arrested and taken to court, is innocent until proven guilty. People who utilize this argument are usually more in favor of giving these people as many rights as possible. The issue is, even though our judicial system goes with the whole “innocent until proven guilty” idea, people do not do the same, and it’s hard to try and find a jury that doesn’t have a bias before they even get into the court room. That’s likely why a lot of these cases just end up being dealt with by a judge, or a plea bargain is done so that a jury doesn’t have to come into it.

So, now that you’ve seen both sides, what do you think? What is your opinion about the rights of those who have been arrested?

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